Becoming a Stallholder

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Why sell at market?

Farmers markets are a great way to bring your produce direct to urban consumers. Through attending markets regularly, local customer bases are developed, communities built, and collaborative opportunities with fellow stallholders fostered. 

Our markets are first and foremost a place for Victorian farmers to sell their produce. Speciality makers are expected to source their ingredients from Victorian farmers or primary producers. 


All our markets are accredited with the Victorian Farmers Market Association and is a condition of stallholders. 

Get Accredited
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“With Melbourne Farmers’ Markets we were able to come into the city and reach a much larger group of customers. Finance is a big driver for us. You don’t get in the car for six hours without the necessity. For us at the moment it is the farmers’ markets that have saved our farm."

 – Lynton Fisher, Kingfisher Citrus

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Step 1

Download and read the guide to becoming a Stallholder at MFM.

Becoming a Stallholder at MFM
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Step 2

Fill in the application form which can be found in the guide. 

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Step 3

We will get back to you regarding the outcome of your application.